Window tinting and solar privacy security films installers in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire

Kwik Signs have over 25 years of experience in tinting windows. Whatever your tinting needs are you are sure to get the met here by our team of highly skilled employees who take great care in attention to detail. We only provide services that we know follow the law and are road legal as we take it very seriously when tinting products under our licensing.

There is no limit to what products we can tint for you. We work with cars, other vehicles, vans, windows, shops, offices and conservatories or houses. Our promise to you is that we are highly professional and can be trusted to complete the work for you at a high standard. We make sure any work we do on your vehicle follows section 32 of the Road Vehicles Regulatory Board so that you are road legal when tinting your vehicle as there are many tinting products on the market that are illegal.

The film that we use for tinting your car windows is no more than 30% which keeps within the law of tinting vehicles. If you already have tint materials on your windows from previous installers we can assist you on the best procedures when tinting any further.

 Each of the films in our range are coated with high quality scratch resistant coating, which improves the durability and life performance of our products.

OPX window tints are designed and produced to the highest quality standards, ensuring satisfaction in every aspect.

Superior scratch resistance

High performing colour stability

Professional installation

Broad array of VLT shades

Wide variety of roll widths

Manufacturer’s warranty

Increase The Security Of Your Windows in Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire

Our services in solar and security film are highly sought after in the Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk areas. By adding a specially designed film onto your windows you are adding an extra layer of security to the glass in your property as well as using the solar elements to protect your home.

Our solar reflective window films can make an incredible difference to the amount of solar heat & glare transmitted through glass.Typically up to 80% reduction can be achieved, vastly improving comfort levels, while still giving you optically clear outward vision in daylight hours.

The materials we use are created by adding metal elements to a polyester coating which reflect any light source aimed at it. For example if the sun was to shine on the window with the coating it would reflect away leaving an almost grey looking window (dependant on choosing grey films). The solar film is also useful to reduce the build-up of heat in your home and can keep the inside of your home cool. There is no glare on these specially covered windows so you can enjoy sitting inside instead of being effected by the sun streaming through.

Privacy Is Key
Sometimes you don’t want to have to shut your curtains or blinds but you need the element of privacy. To solve this problem we can apply a polyester film to your windows so that you can see out of the window but no one on the outside can look in on you. These are excellent for bedroom windows, bathroom, schools and hospitals as privacy is always needed in these area.

Our translucent privacy films give 24 hour privacy but let in plenty of daylight through the windows during the day. The use of a privacy film is recommended as opposed to using privacy glass which is less flexible over the life of a building.  The building architect or designer can specify the same clear glass everywhere allowing privacy to be allocated later, where and when required.